Critical laboratory services for transformer oil testing

We provide laboratory services for transformer oil testing and insulation paper testing at our NATA certified QLD laboratory

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Why Our Lab

We would like to inform you of our transformer oil testing service based at Acacia Ridge in the south side of Brisbane. This facility is supported by the Engineering Department of the GE Worldwide Transformer factories and services client’s needs for testing oil, paper insulation from all types of transformers filled with all types of insulating fluids. The laboratories services are NATA accredited and services and documentation are covered by our Quality Management System certification to ISO 9001. 

How We Help


 Our expert analysis of oil test results is undertaken in a 3-stage process:

  • Instrument outputs are first reviewed by our experienced lab technicians in accordance with GE guidelines, Australian Standards and International Standards.
  • Results are collated into a report for review by the Laboratory Manager, a GE Technical Expert, prior to submission to the customer.
  • Further examination of results can be carried out by a transformer design engineer should there be any abnormalities identified outside set limits.

The service offered also includes comprehensive trending of results with reports. Our reports go beyond the provision of raw data and and results can also be accessed online through our web portal. The report format includes the following.  

  • Graphical representation of historical data.
  • Interpretation of raw results and trends by a GE Technical Expert. 
  • Summary interpretation of transformers requiring attention and further resampling.

Experience the Difference


The GE laboratory prides itself on providing effective and efficient 24-hour customer support to assist in the interpretation of dissolved gas analysis for oil samples from faulty equipment. We are proud of the reputation in providing solutions that represent value for money and we believe we can offer your company the technical expertise to undertake a professional and expedient service in delivery of oil testing and succinct reporting. 


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Our Services

Available Testing

  Services provided by this facility are as follows: 

  • Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) of all types of insulating fluids
  • Breakdown Voltage
  • Moisture Content 
  • Neutralisation Value (acidity)
  • DC Resistivity
  • Dielectric Dissipation Factor
  • Colour and Appearance
  • Interfacial Tension/ Surface Tension testing
  • Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) Concentration (through co-deliverer)
  • Degree of Polymerisation of paper samples as well estimated from furans
  • Furan Analysis 
  • Methanol Content
  • Corrosive sulphur by ASTM, IEC and DIN methods 
  • DBDS Content
  • Sediment and sludge 
  • Inhibitor additive content
  • Passivator additive content
  • Particle Count analysis/Dissolved metal content (through co-deliverer)
  • Oxidation Stability
  • Carbon Type Content
  • Density/Specific Gravity
  • Viscosity
  • Refractive Index
  • Stray Gassing analysis
  • Flash Point/Flame Point
  • SF6 analysis
  • Compatibility testing of transformer construction materials
  • Inorganic Sulphur Content
  • Organic Sulphur Content
  • Free or Elemental Sulphur Content

Oil sampling service

 The oil laboratory can also arrange on-site sampling inclusive of expert comprehensive external condition assessments of transformers.  

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